​Ex-Knight Justice.


Durlock was a proud member of The Angulan Knights. He served within the order from a very early age and quickly rose through the ranks. He was, in fact, the youngest recorded individual to ever achieve the rank of Knight Justice. He was only 22 years of age at the time. It is reasonable to assume that he would now hold the highest rank afforded one of his order, that of Grand Knight.

Fate, however, had different plans for Durlock.

During a scouting mission in the Black Riage, Durlock, and a few other knights encountered a mutant caravan innocently traveling a well-worn road. The Angulan Knights despise mutants and consider them an abomination. They viciously attacked the caravan, slaughtering them all. Save for one, a mutant by the name of Cedric Valentine. Durlock stopped his comrades from attacking the mutant and threatened to draw blood if they tested his resolve.

The Knights spat at his feet and turned their backs on him. They knew that they were no match for his prowess with his deadly broadsword.

The story of Durlock’s defense of a mutant spread throughout the knighthood. He was despised for not only defending a vile creature but also for drawing steel against his brothers.

Durlock withdrew his titles and left the Order, he could not condone their narrow logic and wanted no part of their pettiness. He knew he was not welcome anymore, anyways.

Years later, Durlock is still by Cedric Valentine’s side, acting as protector, guide, business partner and loyal friend.​


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