Cedric Valentine

Mutant trader and Caravan Master.


Cedric was a peaceful trader in the Black Riage mountain range. Many years ago, he was caught within the Ironwinds with no shelter to be had. Although he survived, he was riddled with massive mutations. ​

​Seeking solace in a mutant village in the Black Riage, Cedric learned to accept his mutations from the villagers there. He eventually began a trading caravan that delivered supplies to camps, villages, and towns that aren’t normally on any of the trade routes within the treacherous mountain range. In doing so, Cedric became something of a folk-hero to the vast majority of the mutant-kind that lived there.​

​It was on one of these caravan journeys that Cedric’s wagons were set upon by The Angulan Knights. They ravaged the caravan and annihilated the mutants belonging to it. Cedric was spared and rescued by, Durlock, one of the very Knights that belonged to the group attacking them.

Durlock was overcome with shame for the actions of his order and vowed to protect Cedric for the rest of his natural life.​ ​They are now partners in one of the most successful caravans operating in Navarene today.​

Cedric Valentine

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