A strong Glaive who performs feats of strength.


José Villalobos found himself as a strongman in a travelling circus. Performing in towns, wowing the crowds with his travelling comrades.

There was an incident where a Visitant craft accidentally crashed into their travelling caravan. This was a fatal crash. Lobo was among only a handful of survivors who still had heartbeats when the remorseful Visitants scanned for survivors. Having a surprisingly poor understanding of human anatomy, the Visitants repaired his broken body with more synth than flesh.

Years later he found himself in the underground Luchador wrestling scene, fighting in front of rabid fans as Lobo the Wolf, a powerful and explosive opponent and famous villain to all the up and coming heroes. and getting paid less and less as the seasons have gone on.

His old circus pal and fellow caravan crash survivor, Pecctacular, has recently gotten in touch with him to join a new travelling team to escort a caravan with a man named Durlock, and what Pecctacular suspects might be some sort of Messiah.

Always looking for a chance to flex his bio-mechanically enhanced muscles, and a chance to show off.

Lobo excels at travelling in a troupe of performing with his fellow comrades.

He’s an older man who is in peak physical condition and has knows how to take a hit.

His body is covered in synth bits and bio-mechanical pistons and servos to enhance his already bustling muscles.


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