A short, grizzled looking, insane man.


“Ho-Ho! Gotta go! Places to see and people to know!”

And with that, Mepsi usually turns a corner and disappears.

It’s not like anyone ever actually sees him disappear, it just happens, without any explanation. One second he is there and the next he is gone.‚Äč

It is unknown who he is, where he comes from, or what his purpose is. The only thing known for certain is that he is clearly not right in the head.

Mepsi is covered in scars, half his right face has plates of synth grafted onto his skin, and his right side eye is completely white (although some claim they have seen it glow a blood red).

His left arm is completely mechanical, with an ever-changing contraption at the end of it, in place of his hand.


Divinity Of The Damned GrCheeseSamurai