Mr. Pecctacular

A jovial Jack who entertains.


“Life’s a garden, dig it! You gotta keep on keeping on and you can’t have ‘No’ in your heart. Every day’s a gift, that’s why we call it the present.”

For as long as he could remember, Paulywood had always been an entertainer, learning the tricks of the trade at an early age after being rescued from the streets by ‘the strongman’ in a traveling circus. (Lobo, a young man at the time, convinced the troop to take in the orphan after growing quite fond of him hanging around the shows while the troop performed in one of ​The Steadfast’s​ larger cities. He always seemed to find the help of strangers when he needed it most, and this time, he found a home and family. The circus was Paulywood’s whole world. Many great summers were spent traveling the dangerous countryside performing for the locals. A few short years into his apprenticeship as a jester, he literally found his voice in the production. Paulywood took on the stage name “Mr. Pecctacular” and began ’MC’ing the almost nightly shows.

Times were good for Paulywood and his adopted family until one tragic day, in his 15th year, when a visitant research vessel phased into our reality in ​The Ninth World​ and caused a fatal crash with the circus caravan. The visitant vessel was unharmed but the troop wasn’t so lucky, suffering heavy casualties and leaving the survivors terribly mutated or maimed.

Feeling guilt for their negligence, the visitant scientists tried their best at saving the survivors. But with a surprising lack of knowledge of human anatomy, the crew gave their best hypothesis for what a human might need/be missing.

Mr. Pecctacular was one of the lucky survivors, having been flung clear of the wreck but suffering extensive damage to his throat, upper torso and jaw. He was given synthetic replacements as well as visitant anatomy, miraculously saving his ability to audibly communicate. After he recovered, Paulywood was made known by the visitant’s about what had happened to his beloved troop. And although grief-stricken and filled with confusing emotions, he somehow made sense of the incident and helped the remaining survivors cope. He always felt he needed to be strong for his friends. “The show must go on!” Discovering soon after, to his shock, that he caused strange effects when singing or whistling.

With the circus gone, Paulywood was now a young man lost in the world, trying to find his way. He lost his whole world in the accident but still managed to stay upbeat and look on the bright side. He was soon captivated by his odd new abilities and began to secretly test their limits.

He traveled for a short time with old Lobo but soon went his own way.

Knowing only the stage and the desire to inspire, Paulywood soon began performing as a solo musical artist and making a name for himself in the underground Power Metal scene. Traveling all across The Steadfast once again as Mr. Pecctacular​, easily making new fans with his attractive personality and otherworldly voice. As well as quickly gaining a reputation as a generous lover with a healthy appetite.

After a few short years, just as quickly as he rose to stardom, he vanished from the music scene, choosing a quieter life as a nomad away from the fame and fortune.

Mr. Pecctacular

Divinity Of The Damned Pecctacular