Draven Talbot

A vengeful Jack who murders.




Born at Algden manor, Malcolm Algden was enhanced with genetic manipulation and sub-dermal implants to give him greater than human abilities. Like all the children born at Algden Manor he was sold at auction to the highest bidder at the age of 10. Algden Manor was a secret location that made a great deal of profit by enhancing and selling children as slaves. Some were made into soldiers, others into laborers. Their enhancements made them ideal candidates for a number of services.

Purchased by a salt mining company in the east, the caravan transporting Malcolm to his new life of servitude was ambushed by a group of bandits known as the Wolfgang Pack. The caravan members were all butchered as the bandits raided the wagons searching for valuables to sell, alcohol to drink and maidens to plunder. When the leader made his way to the final wagon he looked inside to see that two of his men had been slain by a boy in chains. A strange red glow was coming from the boy’s face, and the leader knew that he had potential. He dragged the boy out of the caravan and the group made their way back to their camp. The bandits saw the boy as a weapon. A young, powerful body and mind that was eager for guidance.

They trained him in the use of multiple weapons and he quickly gravitated towards the blade.

They trained him in the ways of stealth: infiltration, lock picking, avoiding detection. He was just another shadow in the night.

They taught him to track and stalk prey, both beast and man. There was no trail he could not find.

None in the group could match his skill, speed or intelligence.

By the age of 18 he had overthrown the old leader of the Wolfgang Pack, Mitrik Wolfgang, and took the group as his own by force. Having simply been known as ‘Rat’ by his bandit brothers, he took the name John Wolfgang in recognition of his triumph over Mitrik.

For seven years he led the Wolfgang pack in a bloody trail of thieving and murdering. At 25 though he grew weary of the current life he lived and longed for something more: revenge. Revenge against those who thought they could profit by selling his life away. He left his group and headed out into the world to hunt down his wicked family one by one and make them pay for thinking he was theirs to with as they pleased.

Shortly after his journey began he had an encounter with Arlox Arthir, a knight from the order of Tamari. The Tamari were a group of knights well renowned for the deeds they carried out for those who could not fight for themselves. They were also renowned for their unrivaled combat skills. Arlox had been tracking John since he had left the Wolfgang Pack, seeing to put an end to the young bandit. An impossibly cool, way too awesome to describe duel took place between the two but ultimately John came out on top, and cut Arlox’s head clean from his shoulders. Realizing that more people may be able to spot him and also attempt to put him down, John decided to don the dead warrior’s armor and pose as a member of the Tamari himself. He needed an alias and adopted the moniker Draven Talbot. Looking for clues for his family’s whereabouts he found his way to the City of Bridges.

Draven Talbot

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