A vengeful Glaive who is a master of weapons.


Sevro came screaming into the Ninth World from between the legs of a two-shin whore.

With not so much of a second thought he was then placed on the back of a moving trader’s wagon with nothing more than a soiled cloth wrapped around his tiny frame. The owner of the wagon, the one and only N’erith Rowen of the famous Calamity Spire trading debacle, found Sevro a full day later hidden beneath a sack of (not so fresh) parsley.

With a mutter of “Well fuc’ me arse, it’s a bebe,” through brown teeth, he hoisted Sevro up, walked to the raging river and tossed him into the rolling waters. Sevro bobbed and gurgled several miles until he was scooped out of the water via a fishing net, worked by Tan Al’Ashten. He untangled Sevro, let out a nearly inaudible “humph” and took him to his hut.

For several years, Tan Al’Ashten brought Sevro up as his own son. Quickly, Tan realized Sevro was something special and tutored him in the art of weaponry. By the age of 16, Sevro was one of the deadliest blade wielders in the Ninth World.

If it was made of metal and had a sharp edge, Sevro was able to kill with them as if he was part of an intricate dance.

Soon after Sevro’s 18th birthday, his life changed. While off night game hunting, a group of assassins descended on Tan’s hut. When Sevro came back, all he saw was the charred remains of his master and home.

A small smile crept to Sevro’s lips when he saw three other bodies strewn around the burnt shell of the house, At least Tan took down a few of the bastards. Sevro bent over the corpse of one of the assassins and ripped off a pin that was slightly crisped by the fire. It depicted a howling wolf head.

After Sevro buried Tan deep in the forest, he slid out a knife and cut his own palm, pressing his fingers tight in a fist – until his knuckles were white, he dripped blood on top of Tan’s fresh grave.

“With my life I will bring forth a most furious death.”


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